Christchurch Youth Orchestra - CYO

The CYO is the flagship ensemble of the Christchurch School of Music, made up of top young musicians aged 25 and under.

 CYO Experience 

Young people inspired through shared musical performance.

Meet the Orchestra
The Orchestra - Our Players
Conductor - Helen Renaud
Manager - Jo Vergeer

Concert programme  2023

Concert One - 13th May
Concert Two - 29th July
Concert Three - 2nd December

The Christchurch Youth Orchestra will be Attending the MEFA National Festival (Monday Sept 18th - Tuesday Sept 19th) 

MEFA Home Page


Congratulations on a 2023 Gold Award and the Percussion Prize - Christchurch Youth Wind Orchestra


Concert Two 2023   " OLD WORLD - NEW WORLD"

Last night our wonderful Christchurch Youth Orchestra held their concert "Old World New World" under the expertise of Dr Helen Renaud. We thank her and all those that support CYO. What a wonderful audience we had last night too, it was great to see you all. Lastly thank you to all the orchestra members for performing with such skill.With many of the CSM orchestras.


Christchurch School of Music Chosen to Build 
in Performing Arts Precinct

After years of a nomadic existence, the Christchurch School of Music (CSM) hopes to build a $15 million new facility in the city’s performing arts precinct. The school, which teaches music and runs orchestras and bands for 1100 mostly school-age students, has been chosen by the city council as its preferred occupant for one of the precinct’s last remaining sites. 


          Music has a lot of power. It can uplift your consciousness. 

It is a salve for all emotional wounds and is a powerful tool of connection. 

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